It will be a quiet summer for Monster Magnet, as singer Dave Wyndorf has revealed that the band is canceling their summer European dates.

In a new posting, Wyndorf revealed that this tonsils have been giving him issues and he’s decided to have surgery rather than “risk chronic sickness and sounding like Jabba the Hut forever.” Read his full statement below.

Unfortunately due to a recent medical diagnosis that requires treatment to start immediately, I am forced to cancel this summer’s Monster Magnet tour of Europe. I am hopeful that we will return to the road in early 2020 with a tour celebrating Powertrip and more.
Tonsils! Who knew they could be such a big deal? Well, my doctors do and by the way I'm feeling now I'm in agreement. I’m to undergo surgery right away or risk chronic sickness and sounding like Jabba The Hut forever. (some may say the later may be an improvement but I’m not willing to risk it) I’m so sorry to cancel on everybody. Playing live and being with my Magnet road family (of which you are the BIGGEST part) is the joy of my life and I hate to let everybody down. And that includes myself. Simply put, this SUCKS but it is what it is. Gotta take care of the voice. I hope you understand
ROCK! - Dave

The band’s European tour was scheduled to start early next month and carry over into August. Monster Magnet’s most recent release was 2018’s Mindfucker.

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