MSN did a "scientific" study of "all" the cities in each state, to determine which city in every state is the drunkest! They looked at the number of people binge drinking in each state, each city, and the number of alcohol-rated accidents, to make their decisions.

Monroe turns out to be the most drunk city in Michigan, and we think you only have to look at a map to know why.

It's in the southeast of the state, not too far from Toledo! If I lived that close to Toledo, or even worse, IN Toldeo, I'd probably be destroyed every single night, too!

The rate of alcohol-related driving deaths in Monroe is several points above the national and state averages, so it's fairly clear, that the residents of Monroe should really look harder at moving away from Toledo, before it kills them all, and turns the whole town into zombies.

Save yourselves, Monroe! There's more to life, you just have to escape the black hole that is the area around Toledo!

Sorry, Toledo, I know we pick on you too much.

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