I love sushi so much I eat it every other week, if not once a week. From the basic rolls to the fancy signature rolls, even sushi burritos... I've had it all. However, as a sushi lover the one thing I haven't done is conveyor belt sushi. The concept is simple... you sit at a table and in front of you is a rotating belt with sushi being pushed along. If you want it, you take it off the belt with your chopsticks. It's extremely popular in Japan and in some major cities, and now it's made its way to Michigan!

Detroit Metro Times reports that Kura Revolving Sushi Bar is now open in Troy. Kura is a chain that specializes in "sushi trains" and just opened its first Michigan location last weekend. Instead of individual sushi rolls rolling down the belt (or as Kura calls them "sushi highway"), sushi plates with a variety of sushi rolls will be carried along and customers can grab the plate that makes their eyes wide and bellies rumble.

Have something specific you want? A tablet is at the table which you can order from and your sushi will be sent to you via the highway.

The fun doesn't end there, though! You can even win a prize with your sushi at Kura!

For every five sushi plates placed into the table slot, a short anime will play on the table tablet, and for every fifteen sushi plates placed into the table slot, a prize will be dispensed from the table's "Bikkura Pon" prize machine.

If you're a sushi lover or foodie in general this is definitely worth the drive to the Metro Detroit area. Check out their menu here. Warning: pictures likely to cause drooling.

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The conveyor belt sushi was previously a thing before the pandemic but now works even better since it limits contact with employees and customers. The plates of food at Kura are also covered with a lid to ensure freshness and to "limit airborne exposure," says a spokesperson to Detroit Metro Times.

Kura Sushi was originally started in Japan in the 70's and expanded to the U.S. in 2008. Their Troy location is the first for Michigan and 30th location in the States.

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