Normally when you think of Michigan potholes and damage, you think of cars and trucks. This time a runner breaks his leg thanks to a pothole.

According to WZZM, a championship runner was in a race in Flint, Michigan, and while running in a 10 mile race, he fractured one of his legs when he stepped in a pothole he didn't see.

Three time United States Cross Country champion, Chris Derrick, says when he was running on Saturday, he was in a pack of other runners looking ahead and couldn't see the ground in front of him. Here is a photo that Derrick posted on Instagram.

Derrick was running in the Crim Festival of Races when he said he, "landed perfectly on the edge of a big ol' pothole." That is when he fractured his leg. Race officials did apologize to him and did comment that is was an honor that he was in the race. Derrick hopes this won't ruin his chances of competing in the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials that will be in February.

Hopefully Derrick's leg heals in time for him to train for the event. In the meantime, someone should send him a bowl of Michigan pothole ice won't fix his leg...but it sure is tasty.

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