A Michigan woman has written a children's book with inspiration from her autistic son, who also illustrated the publication.

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Deborah Prince and her son Benjamin are the coauthors of a children's book they have published together called 'Trenton the Turtle.' Prince says she drew inspiration from her 22-year-old son Benjamin who has autism.

Fastest Isn't Always Best

The story's title character doesn't move as fast as everyone else. He goes for walks and demonstrates to his friends that it's not always best to be the fastest.

"We all fall victim to getting wrapped up in our busy lives," Deborah Prince tells Lansing TV station WILX-TV. "And that's where Benjamin has taught us all to appreciate the small things, celebrate even tiny little advancements, and we celebrate everything."


The Book is Illustrated by Benjamin, Who Has Autism

Deborah Prince tells the TV station that after she wrote the children's book, someone suggested that she have her son Benjamin create the pictures.

Since the book is inspired by Benjamin and how he thoughtfully approaches life and everything he sees, he was the perfect choice to illustrate the book.

"My favorite illustration is a barn with animals, the fish pond, the duck pond, and a corn field where Trenton was looking at," Benjamin tells the station.

The book is currently available for Kindle and as a paperback at Amazon and from other retail outlets.

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