After what we all witnessed at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, there is a move to ban guns at Michigan's State Capitol.

According to FOX 17, representative Sarah Anthony had previously wanted guns banned at the Capitol Building in Lansing after more than a dozen men were arrested for their plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Not to mention there were also armed protesters inside the Capitol Building at a protest earlier this year that had many staff members as well as state representatives very uneasy and fearful of their lives.

I'm a gun owner and I like my guns for hunting purposes, but what I don't understand is the need to take a gun to protest or a protest march. Whether it be at the state Capitol Building or a rally in Rosa Parks Circle downtown Grand Rapids.

Guns are for protection at home, hunting and recreational shooting. Let's not forget they are used to protect us by our police and armed services. I just don't believe they should be used to protest.

With protesters now entering our Nation's Capitol Building and violently trying to get into a Senate session on our country's election, there are several Michigan representatives both Republican and Democrat that feel uncomfortable with citizens entering our the building they legislate in with firearms.

Fox 17 reported, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel tweeted, "is now a good time to renew discussions about banning guns at the Michigan Capitol?"

Anthony said, "across the street from the Michigan State Capitol is City Hall where firearms are not allowed. Behind the state Capitol is the courts. There are no firearms allowed there. And so I ultimately do not believe that the presence of firearms creates an environment that is safe and ensures security for the men and women who work in the capitol building."

The governor or state representatives are not the ones that can ban guns from the Capitol building, it is the Capitol commissioners that actually vote on whether or not guns are allowed in the building.

Right now the Capitol commissioners is looking at only banning open carry weapons at this time. They will also need to get funds for metal detectors for the building plus add state police to control the entrances and keep track of who is coming in or out of the building.

The Capitol commissioners will be meeting at the end of the month and most believe banning guns will make the agenda.

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