I have only been in one or two bands, and both of them were a lot of fun.

Someday I hope to be in a new one! When will that happen? I have no freakin' clue, but I hope within the next couple years.

In the meantime, time to reflect on one of my fond memories of my old band named 'The Drunk I Love You's'

We were a two piece acoustic band that could easily be compared to Tenacious D or something of that caliber with my old friend Mike.

We played all acoustic cover songs with a couple originals thrown in there too.

We always played Rocky's Bar and Grille, at least once per month and we got to know everyone pretty quickly there. Mind you, this was the time before I could touch and alcoholic beverage so I always had to drink water, coke, or whatever was available.

I was in a BAR BAND and couldn't drink BAR DRINKS!

Oh well...

We always had a blast and would play for hours. People would come to see us and you could see our band name in Recoil magazine every month. It was just a lot of fun to go to the bar, play some tunes, and just have a good time. We'd always do a toast (or a 'social') or 4 during the show and get everyone to drink.

We played anything from Rage Against the Machine, Green Day, Cheap Trick, John Denver, Van Morrison, etc.

You can still find us on MySpace and hear our original tunes.

Stay Happy, Stay Fat...as we would always say.

Fun trivia: Mike introduced me to Metalocalypse.