I used to play music a lot before I really started to focus on promoting. I will say though, that music performance is still a huge part of me. Since then, I haven't really had the time to play guitar, or at least dedicate my time to it. I remember even getting my first gutiar, a black Silvertone.

I was so much into guitar, that I figured that would be my career field. 24 hour rock star!

I may not be touring around the world, but jumping on the stage on introducing big name acts has quickly become my new addiction. It may be for only a couple seconds, but man, what a rush it is!

It all started with a 6 string. Pictured below is one of my acoustics I was given to from my Uncle, who was a really talented musician. I may be no Dimebag Darrell or Randy Rhoads, but I can play a song or two.

(Photo: Metalhead Ned)
(Photo: Metalhead Ned)


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