Guitars take time to make if you want it to be a great guitar. There's a guy in England who make custom guitars, and really nice ones. He challenged himself last week to a new kind of reality show. His challenge: to see if he could build a custom guitar from scratch in just 12 hours straight. Watch the entire 12 hour build above.

Ben Crowe, the founder of Crimson Guitars, has challenged himself to fun things before, including making a cigar box guitar in like four hours, and building a custom guitar in 24 hours of real time.

Ben's also a pretty fun guy, so the 12 hours is interesting to watch...except for maybe the couple hours of sanding. But watching him carve the body is freaking cool.

His latest idea is to begin a reality web series of 7-10 shows a year where he films the creation of a custom guitar, from meeting with a rock star to come up with the guitar, all the way to delivery. I'd watch that.

Like those motorcycle shows, but with guitars. Sign me up.

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