Had to go pick up some tickets to give away here at WGRD (stay tuned for those soon) and I stumbled past a reminder at the Van Andel Arena of an awesome show that I saw! This was the second time that I saw this band, and I remember being really excited to see them a second time in one year!

If you have ever walking into the Van Andel Arena, you will see the main lobby area by the ticket booths. The cool thing they have their are photos from a good portion of the concerts that have performed their. My favorite of course being KISS.

I remember that show as my second ever KISS show! Tickets were originally $85! As a high school student, there was no way I was able to afford that. A couple days before the concert, my English teacher asked if I was going and I mentioned it was $85 bucks! She then told me that they dropped the price because of slow sales to $45! Excited, I told my friends and we bundled up people who wanted to go, and proceeded to go to the show! We were in NOSEBLEED CITY, but I didn't care, I was at KISS! We were all in KISS makeup rockin' out the entire time! Then some lady came behind us and said, "You all are having a really good time, would you like a free upgrade to the lower bowl?" OF COURSE! Best thing of all time! We ran closer to the stage and had some pretty good seats for HALF THE PRICE!

It was the closest to KISS I would ever get until Sept. 11, 2012 where I met them and stood in front row, but that's another story for another day.

Oh yea...better show you the picture.


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