Living an everyday life, I tend to see really weird, interesting, and even sometimes...just plain normal stuff. Here is where I am going to share a pic of something cool...or sometime not, whatever sounds good for that day. Check out this pic here!

Today's Random Pic of the Week is all of the crap that I have on the top of my desk.

I like to keep random stuff around so when fellow employees stop by, they see a museum of interesting things. This is only a 1/4 of the stuff that is sitting on top of my desk.

Pretty much a compilation of everything that is cool to me! Lava Lamps, Pokemon, GWAR, Mushroomhead, Nintendo, Sonic, Drum head signed by HellYeah, KISS, and my random Producer Joe Bobblehead.


Check out next week for something fun you can waste your internet time with!

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