Working in radio, I have met a lot of awesome rock stars. Anything from Vinnie Paul, Phil Anselmo, KISS, Ivan Moody, Bumblefoot, etc. All of them were really cool people! I rarely get star struck these days. However, one time that I will always be star struck with is freakin' legendary guitarist Zakk Wylde!

This was one of the first times I have ever met anyone famous in my eyes. I mean c'mon, it's Zakk freakin Wylde! Awesomely enough, this wasn't the first time that I had met Zakk. This past year I met him and Rex Brown at the same time together and we all shot the s**t. How many people can say they did that?

This picture below was from The Orbit Room with the Berzerkus tour. It was pretty damn awesome!

(Photo: Vinny Baldiga)