Finally, a milestone! Well actually it's not the biggest score out there, but to me, it was quite the accomplishment. This past weekend in Ludington, MI, I visited a pretty cool Retro-Arcade they just opened a little while ago named Quarter Cafe & Retrocade. This weekend, I finally made it onto the board of Top Scores!

Like I mentioned, I didn't break any world records or anything. The current record holder according to Twin Galaxies is an impressive 922,810 by some dude named Victor.

I may not be a contender to that score, but I still kicked someones butt that day in Ms.Pac-Man. Which if you go to Stella's Lounge in Downtown GR someday, you may see me sitting there trying to beat whatever high score is on the Ms. Pac-Man. By the way, for all your perfectionist, it was Turbo speed..