There is a very big chance you have never heard of this band. Most metal bands you have heard are GWAR, Five Finger Death Punch, Slayer, Pantera, and tons more. If you however go through the world of the internet and search the deep world known as YouTube, you will find some really good metal...hence where I found this group...of a mixture of Trivium and Evanescence named Amaranthe.

Taken from their site Sweden's AMARANTHE have gone from zero to a sensation in the metal world in just months time; supporting KAMELOT on tour in Europe right after the release of their debut album, playing Japan several times in 2011, including the mighty LOUDPARK festival and charting high on several national album charts, AMARANTHE could make even seasoned metal veterans green with envy.

Sporting a line-up spearheaded by a unique combination of three singers, AMARANTHE are instantly recognizable both in recording and at one of their spectacular live shows. The music fuses the most cutting edge of melodic metal with immediate and catchy choruses that will leave you humming for days.

The band features a unique blend of melodic metal and 3 singers which gives a really nice edge that you do not hear in metal here in the states, so it was really refreshing to hear something different. Amaranthe is the band that kind of has everything for a metal head and a non-metal head. It can be labeled as "Cross Genre." Check these dudes and lady out!

Albums to Check: Amaranthe (Debut Album)

Tracks to Check: Hungar, Amaranthine, 100,000,000 Light Years