Amaranthe Books a Michigan Date in Flint!
FINALLY! The time has come from one of my favorite foreign metal bands to make it over to that states!
I have been listening to this band for a few years now, fearing that American audiences wouldn't get them. However, they recently had a single named 'Drop Dead Cynical' on radio and t…
Some Metal Music for Your Wednesday [Video]
Look no further than here if you want to hear some awesome metal.
Click on the links and get ready for a variety of metal you might have heard; or, perhaps, maybe never heard.
I could be creating some new metal fans!
Metal Moment: Amaranthe
There is a very big chance you have never heard of this band. Most metal bands you have heard are GWAR, Five Finger Death Punch, Slayer, Pantera, and tons more. If you however go through the world of the internet and search the deep world known as YouTube, you will find some really good metal...henc…
Amaranthe Begin Recording ‘New Album’ Next Month
Ladies in metal is on the best things to ever happen to music. Angela Gassow (Arch Enemy), Maria Brink (In This Moment), you name them. Metal Ladies is the definition of AWESOME! Check this out, there is this band that is not that well known (in America at least), but you should know of them, and th…