This is something that, until now, everyone just ASSUMED happened. But this woman has proof!

Last week, couple in California took their Camaro to a mechanic for some repairs.  It's not just any Camaro, though.  It's an Indy 500 Chevy Camaro pace car, of which there are only about 200 made. So basically, it's easy to spot. Later in the afternoon, the couple was out and about and noticed their own car speed past them! After tracking it down, the couple ended up catching the mechanic, who had take the car out for a joyride. They followed him until he stopped at a drive-thru, and then the wife got out and confronted him.

The woman recorded the whole interaction with the mechanic and posted it to Facebook. And according to her description, all the dealership did was apologize for the incident, even after the mechanic allegedly damaged the vehicle.

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