There is a line between playing a funny prank and being downright cruel. I'd say the dad in this video crosses the line.

If I were his wife, who got pranked into thinking my son was horribly injured, I'd have lots of "I f******ing hate you's" to say too.

Some people will do anything for a joke. I feel like YouTuber Roman Atwood could fall into that category.

Although is it a "joke"? Seems like a pretty mean-spirited thing to do to someone.

Atwood set up the whole scene. He appeared to be playing with his son in his Spider-Man costume when his wife came home. He then swapped out the real child for a dummy dressed as the superhero and “accidentally” threw him over the railing. As expected, the boys mother freaks the hell out.

Boy, he really "got" her.

Sounds like he got at least a few nights of sleeping on the couch too...

So, what do you think? Funny, or too far?