Last month, a bizarre and disturbing video featuring Marilyn Manson, Eli Roth and singer Lana Del Rey was released by Sturmgruppe, a digital arts group Manson has worked with before. The clip includes a scene depicting Del Rey being "raped" by Roth, along with footage from Marilyn Manson's 'No Reflection' music video and other bizarre visuals. Now, Manson has clarified his role in the short film, stating it was never intended to become a Marilyn Manson music video.

Though all actions depicted in the video were consensual between performers, the Lana Del Rey rape scene proved too intense for many. Because of its content, the footage was "locked in a vault for a year" according to Eli Roth and was not meant for any sort of release. Despite this, the footage leaked under the title of 'Sturmgruppe 2013 Reel.' [NSFW]

In a new interview with NME, Manson clarifies his involvement in the controversial clip. "I didn't deny involvement in it, I just simply stated it was not meant to be a Marilyn Manson video," begins the Antichrist Superstar. "The editor of the company that put it out was somebody who's edited my videos. That video was something that was done with a camera that Eli, who's my friend, and I both wanted to test out, so I let him test it out … What they filmed was put in context seemingly as if it were a Marilyn Manson video, and that was in no way the intention."

Manson did want to create a music video with Lana Del Rey, but found the process too difficult. "Eli and I wanted to do a music video with her but she was being such a problem for me, personally, although I still respect her; I'm friends with her," Manson clarifies. "I just left, I was tired. I was not willing to make that part of my video. Eli and I originally had intentions of making a video with her, but that is not the intention that is represented in that film clip because that was not what I filmed, that was not for my video."

Manson adds, "I don't think either of us were ever intending for that to be seen, it was more of a camera test. I'm a person that would beat someone's ass if they raped somebody that I know." Head over to NME to watch Manson's full interview on the subject.

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