What's a good way to get out of the dumps? I dunno, maybe call a friend, watch a funny movie, go for a walk outside...

I wouldn't say flashing pictures of your genitals to unsuspecting Meijer employees is the route to go.

Apparently that's how one 51-year-old man allegedly cures the blues.

According to The Grand Rapids Press/ MLive Media Group, David Keith Slovinski is accused of taking pictures of his private parts on his cell phone and then showing them to employees at West Michigan Meijer stores.

This isn't Slovinski's first time being an icky creep. He's a repeat criminal offender, charged over the past  twenty years with a variety of sexually-related crimes that resulted in him being placed on a GPS tether that's monitored by law enforcement.

Police say that on January 28th, Slovinski was hanging out in the photo department of the Grandville Meijer, near Rivertown Crossings Mall, with some photos of his own that he wanted to share.

Slovinksi pulled out his phone and and showed pictures of his exposed penis to an employee there, according to Grandville Police.

A few days later, Slovinski's tether showed him to be at the Meijer on Clyde Park in Wyoming, where he allegedly pulled the same offensive move on a female employee in the electronics section.

Police say Slovinski was identified on video at the Meijer stores and he confessed.

Slovinski allegedy admitted to an investigator that he knew his actions were wrong, but that he enjoyed seeing people's reactions to his unsettling selfies.

"Yeah, it cheers me up when I'm feeling down,"

Slovinski said, according to court documents.

His past offenses include window peeping, indecent exposure, failing to report as a sex offender, and criminal sexual conduct charges which resulted in him being  placed on parole on May 28 and fitted with a GPS tether.

According to The Grand Rapids Press/ MLive Media Group Slovinski is currently being held in a Kent County jail in lieu of $250,000 bail on indecent exposure charges.

Additionally, he is being charged as a sexually delinquent offender, which means a judge's order could keep him locked up for as long as the rest of his life.