Did you ever wonder about the first time you crossed paths with your significant other? Not actually MET them, just the first time you guys unknowingly crossed paths? If not, this story might blow your mind a bit.

Recently, a man was looking through some of his fiancee's childhood photos, when he noticed someone familiar in the background: himself! It turns out that when they were both kids, they vacationed at the same spot, and were actually playing on the beach on the same exact day. Crazy!

In the picture, you see a bunch of kids posing for a picture on the beach, and one kid close behind floating on a raft. He's the kid on the raft. And his fiancee is one of the kids in the foreground. It's not so crazy that it happened, but the fact that it was caught on camera and then discovered all of these years later...that's the crazy part! What are the odds?

Source: CNN

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