Help Us Out, Grand Rapids - Who is This Random Guy?
Yesterday, I was randomly looking through my camera roll and then came across this picture of my co-workers and myself at the Kanye West concert, from September, at the Van Andel Arena. I hadn't posted the picture and it was #ThrowbackThursday so I figured it was only appropriate...
Jackie's Flashback Friday
I have a flashback Friday picture today. I stumbled across this old photo and I started laughing and couldn't stop.
I was at an indoor track meet in 2008 or 2009 and was sitting in my usual, awkward, awful for your legs, weird position.
I was listening to my iPod, probably Breaking Benjamin or Thre…
7 Days Of Halloween Creepiness- Day 4
Oh lord it's day 4... I am starting to regret this little project. Lot's of creepy stuff on the internet folks. Here ya go though, day 4, nice and creepy! Hopefully the story behind it is not true... but I guess we will never know.