When Curtis and Katie bought a new house they had to deal with the gallons and gallons of breast milk they had stored in the freezer of their soon-to-be-old home.

The milk was there because the couple’s two children had spent time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after being born, and they had pumped it out of fear that Katie would lose her ability to produce milk in the absence of a baby to feed.

Since they didn’t want to throw the no-longer needed milk away, Curtis decided instead to embark on an odd-experiment to see how long he could survive on only his wife’s milk.

Curtis, who has to drink at least 66 ounces of the stuff a day to get enough calories to function, is currently on day three of the extreme diet.

He reports that he’s really enjoying the milk’s taste and also that, as an acid reflux sufferer, it doesn’t upset his stomach like cow’s milk does. You can track Curtis’ strange stunt on his blog titled Don’t Have a Cow, Man.

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