WOW.  That’s all I can say after reading this story on Fox 17 about a guy in Tennessee who had a 'My Name Is Earl' moment recently. Remember that show? Also, can you tell what show I've been binging lately?

According to the Fox 17 story, Nick Slatten who lives in Sparta, Tennesse bought a lotto ticket for “Tennessee Cash” as he was headed home on March 10th. He got the shock of his life the next morning as he was checking his ticket against the winning numbers and realized he had actually matched all the numbers in the previous night's drawing.

So of course he raced back home to let his fiancée know that they had just won $1.2 million for them with this lotto ticket. Then he went back to running errands and the rest of his day. Which, honestly, how did he just go back about his day? I'd have had to sit around and daydream about what we could do with the money.

Fox 17 said Nick then realized he had lost the ticket while he was running errands. So he retraced his steps only to find this $1.2 million winning lotto ticket on the ground underneath someone else’s car door in a parking lot at the auto parts store he went to right after leaving his fiancee. Seriously! This dude got so lucky that most people won’t pick up trash much anymore.. or someone else could have had the best day of their life.

As Fox 17 reports, the Tennessee Lottery confirmed that once the ticket was lost, anyone who found it and turned it in would have been able to legally claim the jackpot.

See, the dude losing the winning lotto ticket and then finding it again is completely a ‘My Name Is Earl’ moment, just minus the “list” for karma.

As for Nick and his plans, Fox 17 says Nick told Tennessee Lottery officials he’s buying a house and car, before investing the rest of his winnings so that he and his soon-to-be wife have less to worry about in life.

Maybe with the original luck the winning had, he should try to gamble a little bit. (I know, not the right answer.)


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