Every day the staff of WGRD wakes up... does karate moves--then hits the internet to see what kind of weirdness she will bestow upon us. Well, this evening friends and comrades... we have a winner. The most WTF headline of the year has happened on this day and this may usher in an entire new era of consciousness. The headline read "Man Eats Cocaine Out of Brother's Butt, Dies." That's right a man has eaten cocaine out of his own brother's ass.

So for those of you who had the balls to stick around after reading that first paragraph... you better buckle up. South Carolina Police took 2 men into custody after suspecting them of participating in the druggery. The two were brothers and they must have been very close. Deangelo Mitchell talked his brother into dining on his butt-candy... so cops wouldn't find it. Wayne Mitchell swallowed an entire ounce of cocaine, freshly plucked from a butt. Wayne died pretty soon after that.

And now his brother faces tons of charges and has to live with the fact that his butt is actually murderous.

[Source: WYFF]