This grown man is the biggest baby in the world. Keep in mind, he is 52 years old!

IHOP... to jail. We bet you'd never think to hear "IHOP" and "jail" in the same sentence but here we are! A Florida man was recently arrested for repeatedly calling 911 because his mother would not give him money for food at IHOP. 

Now, we're not sure who could say no to IHOP, but pancakes aren't the only ones flipping out. The man who was arrested, Gerald Anderson, has a history of calling 911 for similar non-emergencies and officers were finally fed up!  At first, they gave the brunch enthusiast some leeway when he would call, but they eventually decided enough was enough and that Anderson was taking dispatchers and officers away from more important work.

Anderson faces either one year in jail or a $1,000 fine for misusing the 911 system. We bet his mom is really regretting not just giving him the $10 or so to get some pancakes now!

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