Friday night, February 3rd, Lynyrd Skynyrd hit Grand Rapids' new concert venue, 20 Monroe Live, for a packed show with special guest Laith Al-Saadi. It was a really cool show, with all the Skynyrd hits you've been singing for decades.

The band sounded great, all three guitarists taking turns at the leads and harmonies, the keyboard player, bassist, drummer, and backup singers keeping everything together, and the crowd singing along! It's been a long time since I've heard some of these songs, and it was a cool nostalgic time for everyone.

I've been a big Ricky Medlocke and Gary Rossington fan for a long time, so it was really cool to see them playing, knocking out killer solos, and having a good time. Skynyrd is one of those bands it's just cool to go see. You should see them once before they stop touring, if that ever happens.

Opener Laith Al-Saadi, from Ann Arbor, got the crowd warmed up and singing along, with some cool songs, and a TON of amazing guitar playing! More on this guy later!

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