Highly Suspect stopped in Grand Rapids Feb. 15 and rocked a sold-out show at 20 Monroe Live.

If you were there and want to relive it-- or you couldn't make it out, check out videos to see what you missed.

The show was high-energy and highly entertaining. If you're a fan, you know the band's motto is "MCID" (also the name of the new album), which stands for "My Crew is Dope". The sold-out, amped-up crowd in GR was definitely part of Highly Suspect's crew -- and they, the band, and the whole night, were indeed, dope.

It was a cold snowy, night in Grand Rapids. Before launching "Snow White" from the new album, frontman Johnny Stevens let us know someone in the crowd would be getting his Timberlands, as they'd be heading to Florida and he wouldn't need them. He followed through with that, and one lucky fan scored his boots.

In the middle of their hit "Lydia" there seemed to be a of disturbance down in front, a fight, or the beginning of one. I appreciated that Stevens wasn't having that. He says, "If someone is touching you inappropriately, or making you feel not welcome in our family... let these boys in blue know... they're not just here for us, they're here for you too." Love that. The crowd was then encouraged to get out any bad energy by letting out some screams -- so heads-up for a whole lot of F-bombs, if you're watching a work. ;)


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