Concerts are coming back to Grand Rapids! Beartooth are coming to 20 Monroe Live  in September.

Beartooth is bringing The Below Tour with Wage War & Dragged Under to 20 Monroe Live Saturday, September 25, 2021.

"Everyone has been waiting for so long to get back on tour — fans, bands, crews, the list goes on," says Beartooth singer Caleb Shomo. "It's been a brutal year, to say the least. But there's finally some hope for rock on the horizon. I truly can't put in to words how excited I am to get back out there and give all I have every night. This will be one of the most intense and emotional tours of my life and I can't wait to experience it with all of you.

Beartooth's "Below" album comes out June 25th. You can preorder it here now. Check out the new songs "The Past is Dead" and "Devastation" below.

Shomo told our own Toni Gonzalez of Loudwire Nights, that some of the new album is "incredibly dark" and that he tried to capture how he (and a lot of us) were feeling during the pandemic:

"So really, the whole point of this record lyrically is me kind of just capturing... and also being as honest as I can possibly be about how I was feeling due to lockdown and COVID and everything going on.... It does get to points where it's incredibly, incredibly dark and very self-deprecating and just borders on evil at points. But it's really not meant to be this like, super painful thing...I know how f****** gnarly [the pandemic] was... it was evil. And there were so many difficult times mentally because of lockdown. So I just tried to capture that, and it's almost this little time capsule of what it felt like."

Learn more about the new album and watch the full interview here.

Tickets for the Grand Rapids show go on sale here this Friday, May 7, at 10a.m.

Stick with GRD to win tickets before you can buy them! I've got tickets you can win all this week during the Liquid Lunch!

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