With smart phones being crazy awesome now I rarely take pictures with the camera I wasted an entire paycheck on. Normally I just use my phone... less to lug around and I get pretty good pictures using it. I was cleaning out my bathroom of all places and I found my camera! It was under the sink in a box of head bands and hair bows I had made.. (I know WTF was it doing there?) I was looking through the pictures and realized they were from my trip to New York City last year! HAH! I completely forgot all about these! I had to share a few because they are mighty ridiculous. My gal pal from college and I ended up at 2 different bars, one which was themed out called "Jekyll and Hydes" which was crazy awesome, it was basically a giant haunted house bar, and the second was a hole in the ground that had a slew of people from England who were vacationing... so I go drunk and played beer pong with them all night.

Anyway the pictures speak for themselves thought I'd share!

One of my BFF's and myself here... I had a photo shoot that day for a hair salon and the theme was a gothic red riding hood... so I still had the makeup on!
This was the "haunted bar" This hallway of book shelves was actually the bathroom! You had to find the correct book and pull it out from the shelf and a door would swing open... it was nuts!
The walls were adorned in a bunch of crazy stuff so I decided to kiss everything....
Our new friends from England... they were SUPER hammered and I bet they had no idea they would end up on an American radio stations website... ;)
This guy was in some band who really wasn't very good but they were a fun time so I took a picture... looks like he's moving in for the kill though on this one!
Naked Cowboy....