Did you know that the Chinese police and military aren't super enthusiastic about people flying drones over their military installations?

Neither did Trey Ratcliff.  He went to China, and was flying his quadcopter around without much issue, mostly it seemed the police were confused by the whole situation.

We had even flown it several times around police in various places. They never said anything. The police were probably generally confused; their lack of interference only emboldened us.

via StuckInCustoms.com

At one point he was at Beihai Park, near a large group of trees.  If that means as little to you as it does to me right now, this will help.

That behind those trees there are all their government buildings, where they would rather not have things flown above.

via StuckInCustoms.com

He set his copter down for a minute to go do something else, and when he came back, he found a police officer examining his copter unhappily.

He found himself very quickly in a detention facility.  SURPRISE!

He got out almost as quickly, so no harm, no foul.  He was cautioned against using his "drone" in the first or second ring of the city, so for your future trips to China, remember that!