WMU College Student from G.R. Stuck in China Due to Coronavirus
A senior at Western Michigan University has no idea when he gets to come back home.
WDIV in Detroit spoke with Dylan Tullett who is in a village in China and stuck there for the meantime due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Tullet, a native of Grand Rapids, traveled to Beijing, befo…
Megadeth's Dave Mustaine Confirms Censorship at China Show
The other day, Megadeth played an unusual set in China, of a lot of instrumental versions of songs, and quite a few of their normal setlist missing entirely. No word was given up front, or on stage as to what was going on, but today, Dave Muscatine confirmed it was under instruction from the Chinese…
China Censored Megadeth's Live Show on October 6
Megadeth played an unusual show on October 6 (yes, I know that's today, but it's already tomorrow over there, so don't start with the time-travel questions), playing some songs as instrumentals, and cutting several songs completely. Why, you ask?
China apparently went all censory on th…

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