While on tour with Linkin Park, Chester was playing basketball with the band and other bands, and went up for a layup (off camera) and you hear an amazingly loud snap as he comes down. It sounds like someone snaps a tree branch.

The video cuts to him on the floor, and then getting carted off by paramedics.

This is what led to the cancellation of the rest of The Hunting Party Tour, including the Feb. 4 concert date at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids.

You can also check out some photos from just after the surgery that Chester posted.

Water bottles should be the next target for Congress, since they are one of the leading causes of something or other bad stuff.

They are vicious stalkers of unwary singers on tour, and sneak up underneath them while they're in the air, giving them an uneven landing surface, in hopes to damage the singer as much as possible," as quoted by some idiot Congressperson."

If you see a suspicious water bottle, don't approach it. It might be dangerous, and you should immediately contact the authorities and report it's activities.

All humor aside, we're bummed that Chester broke his leg. Also, we're glad he's recovering and still working on new music!

We'll see him again on the road soon!