There are so many great things about rock shows: the music, the energy, the adult beverages. And sometimes, a hot, shirtless lead singer.

Saturday's show at the Intersection with Grand Rapids’ own Pop Evil plus IslanderLetters from the FireRed Sun Rising, and GR’s Hurry Home delivered on all accounts!

The shirtless-ness we owe to Elliot Weber, lead singer of Letters from the Fire. The band brought tons of energy too, getting the sold out crowd even more amped up.

The San Francisco rockers broke out their latest single "Zombies in the Sun" a few songs in.

The song is off their 5-song, self-titled EP that came out in August. They are looking at putting out a full album at some point next year.

At the Intersection Saturday, the band also played the Beatle's Eleanor Rigby from their EP. Check out the lyric video here:


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