Okay, so maybe this headline didn't make you immediately want to click open this post, but it's pretty funny, right?

During the first song of Lenny's set in Stockholm, Sweden, Lenny Kravitz was getting down so hard (sorry), and so long (sorry again), that when he squatted down while playing, his d*** ripped its way out of his pants to help play the guitar solo!

Well, maybe it just burst out, but how cool would it have been if it had started strumming the guitar, like that Tapir who can scratch itches with its penis? Okay, that would have been totally terrifying, but interesting.

Lenny saw it, and probably felt the breeze, and ran backstage to change his pants. He probably also high-rived everyone in his crew, so excited about the size and power of his peen. Think of all the famous hotties that penis has seen and conquered.

If you want to see the full thing in all of its glory, you're gonna have to Google it, I'm not putting that here.