Metallica might be quiet right now, as they work on their new album, but Kirk has something coming out soon, and it's not any kind of follow up to the horrible mess that was Lulu.

He's gone and played a pretty cool solo on the new Exodus album, Blood In Blood Out, that's coming out on October 14th.

In case you don't know much about Exodus, this was Kirk's band before he joined Metallica, and he actually came up with the name.  He used to trade shred parts back in the day with the amazing Gary Holt, who became the main guy when Kirk left, and is also the fill-in guitar beast for the mighty Slayer!

This is also the album featuring the return of Steve Souza, who has been in and out of Exodus multiple times...but this time, it's for real, guys!

Enjoy some of Kirk's best soloing on this song, "Salt the Wound".