July 2017


* Reminder*

The Divorce Chronicles were not written to be shared. If they seem hard to read or hard to follow just know I understand. I wrote things down as I felt them. I have not edited or went back to read any of the notes I took. Please keep that in mind. I am aware these blogs are all over the place.

Divorce blows! After spending so many years with the same person everything you see and do will remind you of that person. I am currently being haunted by strains of her hair. They seems to be in every f'n piece of clothing I own. Time to burn them all and start over.

Today I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth..yes I brush my teeth! While in the bathroom I noticed her tooth brush is still in the holder. Do I throw it away? Do I clean the toilet or my shoes with it? Do I put it in a candle and make a prison shank out of it? I haven't decided what to do with it so there it just sits. I am sure I'll eventually throw it away but...it's just weird.

Divorce is the best weight loss program in the world. I'm about to start selling a program. All my favorite foods remind me of her, she even ruined ice cream!! Who knew that would be possible!!? It will pass and I will make new memories but right now with it being still super fresh everything sucks.

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