Today I got to talk with Rick DeJesus, the singer for Adelitas Way about their new song, "Dog on a Leash", the new album (and what it might be called) and more!  Rick's a fun guy, and he's looking forward to coming back to Grand Rapids for a show!

Spoiler alert!  They're coming, but it hasn't been announced when or with who!

Rick gives some clues as to what the new album will be called, and if you figure it out, post it below!

When I asked him about the recording of the new album in a cabin away from everything, he said

I think it's how it has to be.  It really helped us focus on the task ahead.

On the date and show that's coming to Grand Rapids, he couldn't tell us much, though.

I don't want to be the one that drops the hammer.  They'll be like 'Did you hear what Rick did?'

On their tour with Guns N Roses, they found out that there wasn't any soundcheck before the show.

We thought we were going to soundcheck and they were like, "Axl wants no sound before he plays.'  And we were like, 'But we play before them, does that mean we can't play?'

If you want to know what Rick likes to munch on back stage, it's Gushers.  He's a big Gushers fan.