You may remember back in January when I wrote my resolutions down that one of my big resolutions was to get into guns.

I went shooting with a buddy and really enjoyed it. So, I teamed up with Barracks 616 off 28th Street SE and have been going in and learning about different types of guns and how to shoot better. And I've really been enjoying it.

I started off with a class on safety that taught me how to operate a basic .22. The class was super beneficial just to give me the low down on how a gun operates and how I can safely use it.

Since then, I have gone in once -- and sometimes twice -- a week to shoot! I have tried to go in and use a different gun every time I shoot.

So far, I have used a .22, a Glock 19, a 1911 .45, an AR-15 and a 9mm Glock.

I shot the .22 for a while, and got so used to it that when I upgraded myself to the 9mm the kick kinda got me!

I have a video here of me shooting it. You can see I was really letting the gun get away from me.

What's cool is that the staff at Barracks want to help and they showed me exactly what I did wrong, I even went back the next day, shot a bigger gun and did MUCH better!

Anyone who's in to shooting or wants to get into talk to me! We can all go into Barracks and learn more.

The bigger bullet holes are mine. I was shooting a 1911 .45. The help Barracks has given me has brought me leaps and bounds from where I started! I even shot through the same hole four times in a row at one point! (Photo: Jackie/WGRD)