barracks 616

Jackie At Barracks 616
I'm getting closer and closer to my goal of getting my CPL. Each week I go out to Barracks 616 and practice shooting. Barracks has been such a great place to learn, the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful.
Jackie At Barracks 616
You may remember back in January when I wrote my resolutions down that one of my big resolutions was to get into guns.
I went shooting with a buddy and really enjoyed it. So, I teamed up with Barracks 616 off 28th Street SE and have been going in and learning about different types of guns and how t…
Barracks 616
Last week was my first time out at Barracks 616.
I am so excited about getting my CPL (concealed pistol license) through them.
Barracks is the perfect place to shoot, and to learn. They have a state-of-the-art facility with instructors who are there to help.
Jackie At Barracks 616
You may remember my New Years Resolutions this year. One of them was to get my concealed weapons license. Thanks to Barracks 616 I am well on my way! Barracks 616 is an amazing place to shoot, if you haven't been out there check it out. Last night I took my first class where I learned the basics…