I never make resolutions. I don't even attempt to better myself each year with promises because typically I don't follow through.

Well, this year I am doing it. I am making some resolutions, my friendS!

My best friend and me last NYE!
  • 1

    No More Bottle Blonde Dye Jobs!

    Every year I decide it's a brilliant idea to bleach the sh*t out of my hair and go platinum blonde... every year it kills my hair, and wrecks the little hair growth I have gotten through out the year. This year I will stay dark! Say no to blonde Jackie!

  • 2

    No Selfies Where I Don't Smile!

    Alright the "duck lip" craze was cool but it's over... I know a smile is more attractive, and if I am having an extra good hair day, or I just love my makeup, I'll make sure my selfies reflect that in a smiling manor... no more duck lips in 2014!

  • 3

    Learn How To Play Bass

    I've always had an interest in bass guitar, my husband got super excited when I mentioned this in passing (since he played bass in a band for 10 years) and went out and bought me an awesome Daisy Rock bass... with picks, a strap, a case... the whole shabang.  Do you think I can play? NOPE.  2014 I will learn how to at least play 2 songs successfully (keepin the bar low here maybe I'll learn 3 who knows!)

  • 4

    No More Excessive Drinking Games

    Don't get me wrong, I'll still be going out for beers and having a rockin good time... but I think games like "Edward 40 Hands" can officially be retired...

  • 5

    No More Flipping Off The Camera At Formal Events

    It's just not classy....

  • 6

    Learn To Ride A Motorcycle (Buy a motorcycle!)

    My dad rides, my husband rides, and I really want to also!  So in 2014 I want to take a class or whatever I need to do, then I plan to buy a motorcycle! That's my big goal for 2014, I really want to do this one.

  • 7

    Get My Concealed Weapons License

    This one is exciting!  I want to be a bad ass, out shooting guns.  No really I do!  The day after my wedding our best man took us to a gun range and I shot a gun for the first time and really liked it... so yeah that's now something I want to do.