Back in February of 1978, a Hollywood film crew arrived in Grand Rapids, MI, to get some shots around the city. The film would star George C. Scott, Peter Boyle, Dick Sargeant, Ilah Davis, and Season Hubley. The movie was written and directed by Grand Rapids native Paul Schrader.

The film was originally called "The Pilgrim" but was later changed to "Hardcore". The film was released in February 1979. The movie has a dark storyline. A man's daughter has gone missing and is later seen in a pornographic film. The film tells the story of the man's search for his daughter.

There are many shots of Grand Rapids in the beginning of the movie during the opening credits. Here is what it looked like in snowy Grand Rapids in February of 1978...

Grand Rapids in the Winter of 1978

A look back at what Grand Rapids looked like in the winter of 1978.

Here is the entire opening of the movie "Hardcore"...

Additional shots of Grand Rapids can be seen throughout the film, although most of them are at the very beginning.

How much do you know about Grand Rapids?...

ABC's of Grand Rapids

Here is an interesting, alphabetical look at the people and places that played a part in Grand Rapids history.

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