Richmond Park

10 Things To Do this Weekend: January 3-5, 2020
We have a lot of outdoor, winter activities this first weekend of 2020. From skating at Rosa Parks Circle to a Winter West Festival at Richmond Park, and snowshoeing at Blandford Nature Center… get out and have some fun this winter. Indoor activities include a Bridal Show, a Model Railroad Sh…
10 Things To Do this Weekend: November 3rd-5th
Don't forget to "Fall Back" this weekend. We officially go back one hour on Sunday morning at 2 am. Along with going around the house to set all your clocks, there are still plenty of other activities in the West Michigan area this weekend.
Richmond Park is Prepping Itself for Pond Hockey 2015
It's been frickin' freezing out for the past couple of days hasn't it? I stood outside for maybe about 10 minutes and my earlobes were on fire from being cold! While for everyday life it sucks, but for Pond Hockey 2015, we couldn't ask for better weather.
Metalhead Ned’s First Hockey Experience [Video]
I was never really into sports as a young kid. I enjoyed going outside, sledding on hills, throwing snowballs, etc. Even my immediate family are not really sports people, so I didn't grow up with it.
What I did grow up with, was video games, and Nintendo had the BEST sports game on the original …