Oli Sykes discussed Bring Me the Horizon's 2023 split with keyboardist Jordan Fish in a new interview.

Bring Me the Horizon just released their latest album Post Human: NeX GEn last Friday (May 24). Fish is credited on many of the album's songs, despite it being their first full-length release since the musician split with the band in December.

During a new conversation with Revolver, Sykes opened up on the keyboardist's departure from the group and confirmed that it was part of the reason it took so long for the record to come out.

"The main reason it was delayed is because of personal reasons within the band, and it was directly connected to Jordan leaving. Things weren't good last year, as a unit, and the writing suffered because of that. It slowed down to a halt," the vocalist reasoned.

Sykes noted that with Fish in the band, Bring Me the Horizon moved away from using actual instruments while writing music for a while because of his computer and production expertise. Thus, when working on "Kool-Aid," their first single since he left the band, they returned to writing riffs on guitars.

"Me and Jordan were like a force. We turned into the 'Oli and Jordan Show' without really realizing it," he continued.

"Ever since I got out of rehab, just before Sempiternal, I really had to throw myself into something, and I guess that was music. I became addicted to writing, and learning how to sing and produce. And Jordan was my partner in that kind of pursuit. We wrote all the time. I didn't realize how much we pushed the other guys out."

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The frontman said he hasn't heard from Fish at all since the record came out, at least directly.

"I'm not going to bullshit and say, 'Oh, it was amicable and we all ended on good terms and stuff.' End of day, it's like any breakup… but there's no juicy story or anything. There's no headline there. At the same time, there'll be some wounds on both sides that are going to take a bit longer to heal before [getting back] on communicating terms again."

However, he doesn't rule out the possibility of having a relationship with Fish again, and praised the musician for his contributions to Bring Me the Horizon's body of work.

Fish has since worked on other projects, including an Architects song, which he produced, and has been working with Spiritbox on their next release.

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