Thanks to a post by his family, you can see the very first Slipknot "tribal S" logo that was drawn by Joey Jordison.

The symbol was designed by the late drummer, who also helped come up with the band's name back in 1995. The logo has become part of Slipknot's image and culture over the years.

"I have tons of folders of sketches, logos of pretty much any band I’ve been in. I drew the Slipknot logo and the tribal ‘S’," Jordison told Kerrang! in 2017.

“I drew that logo on my dad’s old desk in the house I grew up in. I had this little piece of paper and drew it with pen and ink. It stained the desk! I took it to band practice and they loved it. The next thing you know, almost half of the band got it tattooed – this was before we got signed.”

Jordison's family shared a photo of that exact desk drawing in a post on their Instagram account, which they created in July of 2022 to celebrate his life and career.

"The first tribal ‘S’ drawn by Joey on the desk that was handed down to him by his dad," the Jordison family wrote as the caption of the photo. "To the fans-thank you for always supporting and loving Joey. You guys meant the world to him. We love you Joey. Forever our #1."

Quite a few fans commented on the post stating that they have the logo tattooed on their arm, which is indicative of Jordison's impact on Slipknot's legacy. That, in addition to the fact that he came up with the band's name.

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"It wasn't my total idea to call the band Slipknot, it was a band discussion and it was a unified thing," he told us in an interview a few years ago, though he noted that he was the one who suggested the moniker when they were "spitballing in a band meeting."

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