And by cold I mean the type of cold that we'll gladly take compared to the recent weather we've been getting. But now that I think about it, I'll take a snowstorm over falling iguanas any day.

The National Weather Service for Miami-South Florida issued out the warning to residents on Tuesday.

Grosssss. Can you imagine going about your business and then out of nowhere an iguana falls in front of you? Or worse... ON you! My skin is crawling.

According to,

Much like human Floridians, iguanas go into a bit of shock when the state's weather departs from its typical warm, sunny nature.

This normally happens when the temperature hits around 40º.

...while they're up in a tree, the large lizards can come crashing down to the ground.

They also become "feisty" when they wake back up. Nope. I'd never leave the house.

Just another reason to be thankful we call Michigan home.

On an interesting note, green iguanas are considered an invasive species to Florida.

Their numbers have exploded in recent years, at the same time the region has seen several years of record-breaking heat and mild winters. (via

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