Every May it's National Burger Month, celebrating all things hamburger. Whether you like them with cheese, bacon, and mustard, or you like them with mayo, tomato, and jalapeños, there's a burger for you!

Even if you don't like meat, you can get black bean burgers, tofu burgers, veggie burgers...we are obsessed with burgers. Because they're AWESOME!

Here are some of my favorite burgers. What are yours?

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    Home Grilled

    The best burgers for me, are those fresh off the grill at a backyard party. There's just something special about a burger cooked at home that restaurants can't mimic. Even a frozen patty tastes better when you cook it on the grill at home.

  • Sometimes you get to see sexy wimmins at Whataburger! (Photo Smethanie)


    Next up, I will probably have to go with a Texas favorite. Whataburger! Sadly, there are no Whataburgers up here, since they have amazing food! Next time you're down south and find a Whataburger, stop in and try the Green Chile Double.

    Double-meat, double-cheese, green chiles piled on top...it's making me hungry for one just writing about it!

  • (Photo Johnnie Walker)

    Memphis Smokehouse

    This place opened up not too long ago in downtown GR, where Donk's was, by Mojo's. One day I stopped in, decided to try their burger, and it was pretty damn close to a home-grilled burger! It had the great char flavor, and was good beef.

    The cheese on the burger that day was a little wonky, but still a fantastic burger! Now I want to skip out of work and go get one!

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    Johnny B'z

    What really needs to be said about Johnny B'z? Other than their burgers freaking kick ass!

    My boss, Tom, took me there on my first day, and the menu is pretty simple, which I like, and the burgers are absolutely perfect! Good size that you don't feel overstuffed when you're done, but big enough to make you happy.

    And if you're super starving, they're not that expensive, so feel free to go back and get another one!

  • (Photo Johnnie Walker)

    Five Guys

    Yes it's a chain, but they have really good burgers. The basic burger is a double, so if you have a tiny appetite, you'll have to specify a single patty.

    And don't order the large fries, unless you're getting one order for the whole family. They fill a cup, place the cup in the bag, and then pour the rest of the potato crop of Idaho in there, too.

    Totally worth it, though.