Saturday night, Grand Rapids' own, Pop Evil returned home for a big show at The Intersection, with Islander, Letters from the Fire, Red Sun Rising, and Grand Rapids' own, Hurry Home!  All the bands kicked ass, getting the crowd rowdier and crazier as the night went on.

Before the show even began, Islander came out to meet some GRD ticket winners, and play a few acoustic versions of some songs, including "Coconut Dracula".  The guitar player was late for the acoustic set, so the band decided to play a little joke on him and pretend the set was over just as he ran in to play!

Check out the video of the joke, and the acoustic performance of "Coconut Dracula".

Then, later that night, Islander rocked "Coconut Dracula" loudly for 1,700 noisy Grand Rapids crazies!

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