For the 16th consecutive year, we've tried to do our part to help out families in need this holiday season. We ask for nominations from people who know someone that could use a little help around the holidays. Then, with the help from our "accomplice" and the staff at our affiliates, we break in to their homes live on the air and leave gifts, both fun and necessity. No notes are left or pictures taken. It's all anonymous.

Justin was out this year for his first ever holiday break-in with his gang of hoodlums from 97.9 WGRD, helping out a family that needed some help in West Michigan.  You can listen to the audio below!

First, let's take a listen to Justin's break-in, where he helped out a single mom of three who just can't seem to catch a break.

Next, Steve helps out a single mom of two girls with special needs. Dad isn't really in the picture, and mom is struggling to do the best for her kids.

And finally we check in with Joe, who is hoping to bring a little cheer to a family that's struggling in a big way. Mom and three of their four children have a VERY rare autoimmune deficiency (they are four of only thirty people in the world who have it) and dad is a veteran who has battled and beat cancer twice.

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