Insane Clown Posse are known for their insane shows, and the spraying of Faygo at them. Did you know they use at least 400-500 two-liters of Faygo at EVERY SHOW? Apparently this goes up to whopping 600 two-liters sometimes! This prompted The Loft in Lansing to request "no more Faygo" after the first of two nights at the club.

The band said, "screw you", and cancelled the second show.

They take their Faygo seriously.

The Loft said they wouldn't let the show happen if the Faygo was going to be shot out again, and the band thought for about two seconds and said, "Okay, no show."

Apparently, having to clean up 1,200 liters of Faygo from the club was a bit much for The Loft. They thought it would just be a little bit dumped on the people in front, but they underestimated the insanity of ICP. (How? The first world of their name is freaking "INSANE"!)

It seems the Juggalos didn't help matters, since they started ripping up all the plastic that had been put down to prevent too much damage to the venue. How did The Loft not see THAT coming?

The Juggalos are pissed. Especially for a Michigan club to NOT know about ICP's Faygo insanity. Seriously, they're touring here ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

BTW, all the FBHW guys really like Faygo, but not to wear.

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