I know, it's a stretch... but hear me out. All Honey Bees are actually HUGE fans of the Insane Clown Posse. This is confirmed by science, by the way. I'm not just making this up.

Because a scientific research project started in the 1950s showed that Honey Bees let out a very distinct signal when bumping into each other, very reminiscent of your standard Juggalo.

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The Bee Signal

Honey Bees live in very tight-knit hives, we know this. And there's not a lot of room to move around. It's inevitable they'll bump into each other once in a while.

In the 1950s, researchers noticed that when bees bumped into each other, they would let out a signal, and at the time, they thought it meant they were telling the other bees to "stop" doing what they were doing - running into them.


But after decades of studying the bees, scientists have now confirmed, it's more than that. What was originally thought to be an expression to other bees to "stop" what they were doing, was indeed an exclamation.

"Bees produced vibrations with their wing muscles that are inaudible to humans, but can be detected by accelerometers embedded in the honeycomb."

So What Does It Really Mean?

Scientists found that the signal happens more commonly than they originally thought - about six or seven every minute from just a small area of the honeycomb. They also found that the signal mostly takes place at night - in contrast to "waggle" dances, which happen in the day when bees are foraging.

"There's no way a bee was trying to inhibit another one that frequently, and there's no way a bee would request food that frequently."

So what did the scientists find out about the signals?

"We suggest that, in the majority of instances, it is bees being startled that produced the signal. The team proposes that instead of the 'Stop' signal, it should be called a 'whooping' signal."

That's right, Honey Bees go WHOOP WHOOP! And if you really think about it, everything makes sense.

They have strange looking faces (clown makeup), they love the sweet stuff (Faygo), and when they get upset, they headbut other bees. They also headbutt each other when they get hungry.

So yeah, I think that proves it... all honey bees are Juggalos... or, at the very least, the "Whoop" could be interpreted as a honey bee version of "ope," in which case, they're (at the very least) midwesterners.

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